Fanfiction birth push stuck mpreg

This is just a quick story I whipped up. No, I've never been pregnant or been through this but…whatever. I walked along through the rain tired and wet.

One hand holding my backpack and the other holding up my swollen belly. Nine months of traveling, no shelter, no food. Just a heavy backpack with junk in it and an eight pound baby ready to be born at any second.

I stumble through the storm trying to find a place to rest but to no avail. I come to an alleyway hoping to maybe find an abandoned apartment…something.

I only see a dead end so I turn around and head back to the sidewalk where I was walking moments earlier. I continue walking until I see lightening strike above me and it just figures as soon as that happens that a pain rips through my back and my lower abdomen. My knees buckle and a lean on a wall and clutch my stomach at the same time.

fanfiction birth push stuck mpreg

Stupid contractions! You can't wait to start until I find shelter? I moan and try to gain my composure as I hurry along the sidewalk, one hand still holding up my heavy womb. The blue colored sundress I am wearing is clinging to me tightly seeing as it's soaked, my white sneakers are filled with water from stepping in puddles and now I feel as though I'll just sit down anywhere and give birth to this baby.

I moan again, stopping once again when another contraction rips through my body. I breathe deeply and clutch my stomach as it tightens. I feel the baby kicking hard against me as she prepares for her birth.

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I take one hesitant step still trying to find shelter when I see a motel close by. I hurry over hoping to get a room before the next contraction hits. As I am standing there paying for a nights stay my belly tightens again and I'm forced to stand in front of the receptionist and wait it out. After it's over I meekly leave the lobby and go out climbing the stairs to my room. Peachy, they give me a second floor room! One hand on the rail and the other on the underside of my belly I climb the stairs and hurry up to shakily unlock the door.

By then I'm breathing heavily and I'm sure that this baby is coming soon. I slip off my sneakers at the door and hurry to the bathroom where I promptly begin to run some bath water. I step out of the bathroom and go to the bed and begin ripping off the sheets. I stop what I am doing momentarily and let out a cry of pain. I turn off the water and go back to finish taking off the sheets. Then I pull some items I picked up over time out of my backpack.I know you all don't like the cliffhangers, but wow are they ever a way to get reviews!

Anyway, glad you're loving it as much as I'm loving writing it : Don't forget to keep up the reviews! And here's a little tidbit - our encounters with the cradle robber's crimes are not completely over.

Do with that what you will :P xo. He didn't know what he would do if he entered the cabin to find Olivia's broken lifeless body — and he couldn't imagine the horror of seeing those brown eyes dull and void of life, of the spark that was Olivia. But before his eyes could adjust to the candlelight, a desperate sobbing keening started up from the next room.

The way the sound tore at his heart he knew it had to be Olivia — she was alive.

graphic mpreg birth stories

By now Olivia was so weak and dizzy that when she first looked up at the door she thought she'd been dreaming, or dead or both. But the next of the labour pangs brought her focus back to painful clarity and she realized that it wasn't the cradle robber come back like had been her first thought — but Elliot.

Dirty and soaking wet but looking like a god or some terrifying angel illuminated by the candlelight filling the cabin. Elliot crossed the floor in two strides and fell to his knees in front of Olivia, who had shakily gotten to her feet at the sound of the door thinking it was the woman again.

She stood crouched in the middle of the room, her hand cupped between her legs as if she were holding the baby in; and the counter pressure her hand provided was the only thing stopping their baby from being imminently born. Sweat glistened and dripped down her face, mingling with the terrified tears that clawed at her chest as she fought against them.

But as he knelt in front of her and replaced her hand with his. The baby's head was already crowning. Olivia squeezed her eyes shut and tried to stop herself from pushing. But the contractions felt like they were pulling the air from her lungs and she strained to breathe, each breath she managed to take feeling like a knife in her chest and a tightening noose around her belly.

Elliot reached up his free hand to cup her tired swollen face, "Olivia, this baby is being born tonight no matter what we do — and there's nothing we CAN do baby I'm sorry. But with your blood pressure so high the only way any of you" his voice shook "the best thing for the babies and you is to have them delivered. They're 34 weeks, that's 6 weeks longer than what they say is a safe time for twins to be born.Everything hurt; my back, my knees, my head, my breast and most of all my stomach.

My abdomen cramped viciously like I was going to be sick to my stomach. I groan in pain and rolled over to my side, trying to alleviate some of the pressure. Orcus looked at me worriedly as he massaged my back. I heaved myself up off the bed. My knees buckled and Orcus quickly grabbed me, pulling me back to the bed.

When he did I felt something inside me break. I was panicked for a moment, fearing that I had done real damage by tearing a muscle or even breaking a bone, but I was suddenly aware of a hot wetness seeping through my gown and soaking the bed. I looked down in surprise, wandering if I had urinated on myself, but it didn't have the same pungent smell of urine and it was clear, if a little bloody. Orcus stared at the gush of fluid in shock, then slowly rose his gaze so his eyes locked with mine.

We stared at each other for what seemed like ages, and then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone. I threw myself back on the bed as a wave of pain washed through me, seizing up my limbs and stealing my breath away. As the pain left me a new sensation gripped me.

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I was giving birth to twins. Could I do this? There was a flurry of movement and Accius appeared at my side. He wore the same long robe I had first seen him in and his hair was tightly braided down his back.

He lifted me with a strength he did not appear to poses and set me at the head on the bed. He then pushed my skirt up and spread my legs to examine me. I hissed as he felt inside me to see just how far along I was. When he pulled his hand out he was chuckling. I was confused and scared. I thought I would give birth in my room. Accius carried me down the stairs out and the back door to the gardens to the gazebo that had at some point been transformed into a little birthing room.

The table that had once dominated it had been removed and replaced with piles of cushions and blankets. The floor had at least a foot of padding on it made up of thick blankets and massive cushions. Just outside the door to the shelter was a large tub of water, a pile of towels and blankets and a tray of tools for Accius to use.Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto but I do own the rights to my imagination.

Chapter: 7 Birth and Problems Mean Goodbye. Coming out of the tiring meeting,that had run late, Sasuke noticed something uneasy about his home. People were acting frantic. Almost as if looking for a lost, precious, item. Sasuke grabbed a coat, a horse, and a bag filled with supplies he though he might off needed.

Quickly, he got on his horse and road off, looking for his blonde. With no luck, the sun had started to set and Sasuke was going to end up returning to his and Naruto's mother empty handed.

In the end, Sasuke decided to go around the beach area one more time before leaving. As he road past a cave, he heard what sounded almost like one of Naruto's moans. Ridding closer to it, the moaning became louder, much more profound, and finally Sasuke had him in vision only it wasn't what he had expected. The blonde was lying on the wet sandy ground entirely naked. He was breathing heavily, practically panting, but luckily no tail had popped out yet.

As his next moan appeared all the pain he had been feeling followed and made it look like he was suffering.

fanfiction birth push stuck mpreg

Sasuke ran to his side and called his name a few times to get his attention. Once the boy looked over and noticed Sasuke was with him, his pale face lit up. Shivers ran down his spine and another contraction was starting up again. Calm yourself.

Home Birth Panic: "Do Not Push It Back In!"

Breathe steadily. You're only experiencing contractions right now. Let them pass and then, we can start. Tears flowed steadily out of Naruto's eyes as he nodded his head. Sasuke hugged Naruto from behind to comfort him and caressed his belly. It was large and it looked like it was about to burst at anytime now. A what seemed like few hours pasted and Naruto felt worst than ever. He felt as if his womb was throbbing.This story is being written for Entertainment only, not money.

It was the middle of the night. After a tough day of dragging his body around Dean had laid down right after dinner and couldn't find the energy to even roll over. He lay on his left side, like he was supposed to, with a pillow between his knees to take some of the tension off his back.

All day he what been nagged by a reoccurring pain that started at his spine then traveled around his waist. Sam had called Doctor Porter's office in a panic and the nurse told him to let Dean rest and see if the pains built up into a pattern. Sam had a little notebook on the bedside table and marked the time every time Dean groaned. He had been bothered by false labor pains for weeks now. Once they had made it all the way to Dr. Porter's private clinic before the pains went away and Dean felt like a fool.

Porter had patted his arm and told him not to worry about it. When the baby's ready you'll know. When you get your first real labor pain you'll wonder how you could have ever been fooled. We both just want this to be over. Porter said while now patting Sam's arm. First babies are notoriously late.

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You could have had the conception date wrong. There are just so many possibilities. If it does go on much longer we can try to induce labor but that means drugs, a lot of drugs. The baby will be affected and will most likely have to spend time in neo-natal in the hospital after he is born.

It is so much better for both of you to just let it happen naturally. Now it was the middle of the night and Dean wondered if he shouldn't have gone for the induced labor. At least he wouldn't be laying here next to Sam gritting his teeth and hanging on. He finally couldn't take it anymore and when the next pain started he moaned loud enough to disturb his brother. With the clumsy, out of balance motions that had plagued his latest month he almost rolled out of the bed to the floor.

Sam sprang up and threw off the blanket. Moving swiftly around the end of the bed he caught Dean around the chest and pulled the Omega to his feet. Dean held tight to Sam's biceps. You want to try for the bathroom?I decided that would be too much and wrote this piece instead.

fanfiction birth push stuck mpreg

The italics are a few key moments leading up to the events in the piece, they add a little context and break up the chunks of text a little. She is a doctor, specializing in Obstretics. She belongs to me, no using her without permission I hope you enjoy this, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is mine. I own Susan Humphries.

Warning: Mpreg and graphic childbirth. Part Alan looked around the stark white doctor's office, the room silent save for the ticking clock and steady drip of the nearby tap. He sighed and turned to his left, resting his head on Eric's shoulder.

Eric wrapped his arm around him, hugging him tightly. Ronald took Alan's hand, squeezing it gently. The door to the office opened, Alan, Eric and Ronald looked up as the doctor walked in. He walked to his desk and sat down, placing a brown folder in front of him.

He opened the folder and took out a piece of paper.

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Eric stared at the silver pocket watch in his hand, his eyes following the minute hand as it ticked around the numbers. Ronald looked over at him, remaining silent as the older reaper timed. Alan was laid upon the bed, holding each of his companions' hands. He frowned and started shifting a little, breathing deeply.

Ronald quickly moved closer to him, stroking his hair gently. Eric looked up as he felt the grip on his hand tighten. He closed the watch with a snap. Alan nodded, closing his eyes and blowing out slowly through his mouth. He let go of Ronald's hand and wrapped it around his swollen belly, supporting it from the underneath. His other hand held Eric's tightly, his grip the only indicator of how much pain he was in.

He lent forward a little, feeling the pain moving up his spine. Ronald moved closer to him, rubbing his back to try and help. Alan breathed deeply, relaxing as the contraction passed.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. When Dean came into consciousness he felt strangely heavy and when he rolled onto his back it was almost hard to breathe.

He sat up and pushed back the thin motel comforter and immediately saw the sight of the problem. He shot out of bed, alerting Sam, who was just walking out out of shower to see his brother stood there, shirt forced below his chest to make space for his bulging belly. You feel pregnant too. Whoever or whatever had given Dean the stomach from hell had also afforded him a vagina to go with it, which put their minds in one place. Cas arrived as soon as Dean asked him to.

They were expecting it - Dean had gone through the full 5 stages of grief in the space of an hour - but the sharp pain that shot across his abdomen caused him to drop to his knees with a cry, clutching his swollen stomach.

Sam and Cas were by his side in an instant but Dean pushed them away. He got back to his feet after the initial shock, taking a deep, shaky breath.

He knew it was though, what else could it be? He breathed through it, clenching and unclenching his fists in an attempt to relax himself. The last thing he wanted right now was to be with his brother and Cas in a crappy, cramped motel room. He just wanted to be alone. Dean looked to Cas with pleading eyes. Active labour might not begin for another 12 hours and he can call us if anything progresses.

We would be more help researching. Cas practically had to drag Sam out of the motel room. Sam was still listing reasons for Dean to call him when Dean slamed the door shut. Dean texted Sam updates every hour. He opened the window but closed the curtains and while he was alone stripped down to his boxers. After eight hours Dean was sweaty and uncomfortable. He settled on the shower, turning it onto a lukewarm heat and getting it, feeling an instant relief.

He ran his hands over his heavy stomach. It looked perfect, no stretch marks, not even any hair, just smooth tanned skin. He always found pregnant women to be kinda hot, now he almost was one. He let his fingers go lower, to his newly formed vagina. The hair was softer than it was before, and he wished he could see it past his huge stomach.


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